Monday, October 31, 2016

Raymond’s letter to The New Paper: E-BIKE ACCIDENTS - Enforcement, limits needed

Dear readers,

Do read my press letter, despite your busy schedules.  It appears in The New Paper today, Monday 31st Oct 2016. The Ministry of Transport and her partners’ who include the Land Transport Authority needs to tackle this issue quickly; otherwise more deaths will occur on our busy roads, families who lose their loved ones will find it hard to cope with grief, and hospital resources will be overstretched; an obvious chain reaction.

Thank your time.


Raymond Anthony Fernando

Raymond’s letter to The New Paper: E-BIKE ACCIDENTS
Enforcement, limits needed

It was another tragedy on the roads that was waiting to happen, with  two young lives lost and families devastated, as described in the report, “ Teen survives but loses his friends” (The New Paper, Oct 28).   

Many people these days, young and old, lack patience and do not seem to exercise proper time management.  A lot of people are in a mad rush and making money or saving it is often the top priority.

For those transporting goods, the faster the delivery, the more money they make.  

As for young people who buy e-bikes, they too may be trying to save time and money.

This leads to senseless tragedies and the authorities need to implement more stringent measures to prevent them.

How about limiting the use of e-bikes to those of a particular age group – say 30 years to 60 years old?

They should be required to pass riding tests and those who cause accidents should be taken off the roads.

While there is speed limit on e-bikes, it appears that enforcement also needs to be tightened.



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