Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Raymond 's letter to The New Paper: SEXUAL ORIENTATION GAMES : Switch games for talent show

My letter on the above matter is published today in The New Paper

There has been a fierce debate over the recent sexualised games at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Given that the image of NUS has taken a beating following the negative publicity, it is timely that the student’s union has aplogised for the freshman orientation games that went dreadfully wrong. 

NUS needs to go further to rebuild its image as it is reputed to be a world- class university which attracts students from across the globe. 

Ragging that borders on humiliating females through sexually driven games must cease.  

Already there have been reports of the students who participated in the games being on the receiving end of unkind comments, and this can adversely affect their self- esteem. 

While ragging students is a common practice in universities worldwide, it is vital to recognise that we in Singapore are very much an Asian society with conservative views. 

Therefore, it is crucial to carry out such activities in a decent and acceptable manner, though in a light-hearted way.

I propose that for future orientation games, the organisers at NUS could incorporate creative talent shows and real life situations that are done in a wacky and fun manner.  

America’s Got Talent is a popular TV show that attracts large viewership worldwide.

So why not organise a “NUS Got Talent show” where students can perform either solo, in pairs or as a team. 

It can be done tastefully and there is bound to be laughter and bonding as male and female students display  talents through singing,  sketches  or even circus acts. 




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