Thursday, November 12, 2015

Assault on elderly Catholic Priest- Fr Adrian Anthony: Letter to The Straits Times: Important to be patient on the road

My letter to The Straits Times on the above matter is published today, Thursday 12th November 2015.

I have noticed time and again that some impatient drivers have the habit of blowing their horns at other vehicle users and pedestrians when they are in a hurry.

This is why driving instructors must educate their students – the future road users – on the virtue of patience, and that they must not engage in aggressive driving.

Our elderly citizens are often on the receiving end of abuse – physical and psychological – and I am glad that District Judge Janet Wang recently sentenced Dick Lim Poh Guan to seven weeks’ jail after he punched 72-year-old Father Adrian Anthony in a road rage incident (“7 weeks’ jail for punching priest”; Oct 30).

The district judge also called his behaviour and that of his wife deplorable. I hope that the authorities will counsel Lim as he serves his jail sentence.  It would also be useful if Lim’s wife is sent for mandatory counselling as well.

Parents need to inculcate good values in their children. Given that the couple have two children, it is important that the aggressive behaviour of Lim and his wife are not picked up by their children.

Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults and collisions, which result in injuries.

Road users who come across drivers who display signs of violent behaviour need to be cautious and not provoke them, as they can easily become victims of road rage bullies. It is far better to take down the vehicle number and report the incident to the police.

It would also be helpful if culprits of road rage are suspended from driving for an indefinite period until they improve their behaviour.

Raymond Anthony Fernando




Kyet said...

Do not shy away from a fight with a road bully. In fact, everyone should have a go at them. We are the majority, they are fewer in number.

lee woo said...

Patience is not simply the ability to wait it's how we behave while we're waiting. See the link below for more info.