Saturday, April 25, 2015

Raymond's letter to The Straits Times’ ST Life on TV actress Rui En: Give Rui En a break

My letter to The Straits Times’ Life! Section On TV actress Rui En is published today.  

I read with interest the article, Why the gloom at Star Awards, Rui En (Life!, April 21).

The shots of the actress did give the impression that she was unhappy.  Given that she had performed well in many Chinese dramas, it is understandable that she appeared displeased at the ceremony.  

But in whatever we do, we must never be afraid to fail.  In a competitive acting industry, stars will not be able to clinch awards all the time. 

Many leading Hollywood actors and actresses took years before they received an Oscar. 

For instance, the late John Wayne who always gave sterling performances in many western and war movies managed to clinch an Oscar only late in life for True Grit.

I have always found Rui En’s performances in several dramas delightful and entertaining.  She has clinched awards in the past, and that is something she must remember and cherish so that she has the drive to push on.

You may have walked home empty handed on Sunday, Rui En, but you will always be a winner in my eyes.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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