Saturday, February 14, 2015

Raymond's letter to The Straits Times’ ST Life: Local shows help to reinforce family values

My letter to The Straits Times Life Section on the above matter is published today – Saturday 14th February 2015

I refer to the article In Love Again Life! Feb 12).

My late wife and I enjoyed watching Channel 5 drama Growing up in the 1990s as the series brought back nostalgic memories of the early years in Singapore.

The television show undoubtedly revived the kampung spirit that was very much alive in the 60s.

Actors Lim Kay Tong and Wee Soon Hui as husband and wife and as parents to their four children, gave viewers accurate portrayals of what it was like to hold a family together. Their acting skills was superb. 

The rebellious character of their eldest son Gary, played by Andrew Seow was, for me, a crowd puller as his portrayal was very down to earth. 

The attractive Irin Gan who played Vicky also gave a sterling performance as the wilful eldest daughter.  

I also relate well to the colourful clothes, the music and the kampong life featured in the show.

With divorce rates on the rise, shows like Growing up and the telemovie Sunset will help to reinforce marriage vows and promote family bonding and filial piety. 

Such virtues are needed as our population ages rapidly and when our elderly folk may be isolated and left to fend for themselves. 

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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