Monday, September 8, 2014

NTUC FairPrice: Raymond's letter to The Straits Times: Enhance grocery delivery service to serve those in

I speak out passionately for the mentally ill, the elderly, the sick and the disabled, and this letter to the Straits Times proves it, and that is what makes for a dedicated & tireless advocate.

Letter to The Straits Times: Enhance grocery delivery service to serve those in

My letter to the Straits Times on the above matter is published on Monday 8th September 2014.

NTUC FairPrice’s online shopping service is a good effort that can help reduce queues at its supermarkets (“Order online, pick up at FairPrice outlet”; last Thursday).

While this service, which will allow customers to buy items online and then collect them at a designated booth, is convenient for younger people, there are elderly folk, caregivers and the disabled community whose special needs have to be considered.

Given that Singapore has a rapidly ageing population, with many of our seniors having mobility problems, I urge FairPrice to retain its home delivery service, with some enhancements.

There should also be a dedicated hotline for seniors, caregivers and the disabled to call to place orders as some of them may not be Internet-savvy or have access to computers.

Currently, delivery services are priced at $7 for $60 or more worth of groceries.  Given that some of these special needs citizens may not be too well-off, I urge FairPrice to consider allowing purchases of $30 to $50 to qualify for such a service, as people in this category need to be prudent in their spending.

FairPrice may also want to consider introducing a daily hot-meal service for these people – a wheels-on-meals service that can provide healthy, tasty meals to suit the needs of these citizens.

Raymond Anthony Fernando


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