Sunday, August 31, 2014

Singapore’s leading and life-time mental health advocate, speaks out –again!

As Singapore’s leading and life-time mental health advocate, I speak out passionately on mental illness and ageing issues in the media that includes newspapers, TV, radio and even magazines such as the 8 days.   I have to-date authored 25 books and written more than 270 letters to the press over a 10-year period. That works out to about 27 letters a year or 2 letters per month.  I have fought the good fight, and brought so much positive changes to the mental health care system and support for our elderly.  If you follow my letters closely, you would know.   And I did it –MY way.

But it is time someone takes over the baton.   To be an advocate for the mentally ill, one must be prepared to write to the press.  I have done this on hundreds of occasions –without fear, but with a genuine desire to save and reclaim lives so that Singapore can be the BEST home to live, work and play in for EVERY citizens.

Now, check out this  letter, folks:

Raymond Anthony Fernando's letter to 8 Days Magazine:  No more lonely nights

My letter on the above subject is published in the 8 days magazine this week:

It is always enlightening and rewarding watching documentaries produced by Channel NewsAsia.  It has produced excellent shows that touch on social issues affecting many citizens all over the world, including Singapore.

Its latest documentary, Loneliness can kill you, is yet another gem.  The programme highlights issues which many elderly face, includes lonelines which has led to some  seniors falling into depression and losing the will to live.

Television with its mass appeal is a good platform to raise the plight of the marginalised as it can help to set the community thinking.  It can also help urge policy makers to craft and fine-tuning policies that support our silver-haired citizens in their twilight years.   

I also hope this show will spur our youth to come forward and volunteer their time with our seniors, even if it’s just to be a friend.

Raymond Anthony Fernando 

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