Thursday, March 20, 2014

Raymond's letter to The Straits Times: Home care services: Why the need for means-testing?

My letter on the above matter is published in The Straits Times on Thursday 20th March 2014.

The Government has announced plans to provide better support for caregivers and roll out more subsides for home care (“Helping more seniors ‘age in place’ at home”; last Thursday).

These schemes, which are long overdue, will provide better support for caregivers, especially those who are looking after their loved ones with special needs.

However, it is worrying that subsidies for both rehabilitation and home assessment services will be based on means-testing.

Given that caring for those who are vulnerable, such as mentally ill people, is a mammoth task, I am puzzled that the Government wants to means-test the families and add to their stress.

Caregivers are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living in Singapore. Many have given up their jobs to care for their loved ones.

Since there will be no means-testing for those who will benefit from the Pioneer Generation Package, why are caregivers being subjected to the process?

Let there be no double standards in how we support our elderly sick, the vulnerable and their caregivers.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

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