Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Raymond Anthony Fernando's letter to The New Paper: Doctors should have helped woman

My letter on the above matter was published in The New Paper today, Tuesday 21st January 2014.

I have mixed feelings reading the report, “Why didn’t doctors come out to help?” (The New Paper, yesterday).

While I am heartened by the public spiritedness of 25-year-old customer service officer Janice Choy, who took pains to look for doctors to help the elderly woman who was lying on the road, I am troubled by the lack of support on the part of the two clinics. 

Public spiritedness does not always occur, but if we want to see such virtues spread widely, then those who are in a position to render assistance, as with the case of the doctors, must act decisively.  

At a time when our hospitals are facing a severe bed crunch with limited resources, it would have been far better if the doctors helped the elderly woman.  

Then, only if there was a need to call an ambulance, the clinic could have summoned one.  


P.S: Doctors must understand that they are trained to save lives. Even if the doctors are busy seeing patients at their respective clinics, I am sure those waiting to see him would not mind waiting a little longer during an emergency.  Recently, the Prime Minister made an appeal for all our citizens to look out for one another. This lack of support for the eldery woman on the part of the clincs concerned is not in line with what the PM wants us to do.

Let us take lessons from the magnimous Janice Choy who should not allow this incident to deter her from wanting to reach out to those who need care and support – because you are making a difference, Janice .  


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