Sunday, October 27, 2013

Passing of a Great TV Producer - Cynthia Chew: You will be missed

My letter on Cynthia Chew’s untimely passing & legacy gets published in Mediacorp’s 8  days magazine this week, and wins the best letter award with a dining voucher for 4. Check it out on page 6.

MediaCorp has lost one of its best TV producers in Cynthia Chew Choon Hoon.  Her  untimely demise caught many of us by surprise.  I worked with this unassuming producer during my 31-year career in broadcasting. She was an extremely dedicated and ate, drank and breathed TV.  While most of us were still in bed, Cynthia was in the office as early as 7am almost daily.

To me, she was not just a colleague. She was a dear friend who always encouraged and inspired me.  I remember being sceptical about taking on the role of two lawyers in the local courtroom drama True Files when she first approached me. But her persistence and encouragement eventually paid of.   

Cynthia leaves behind a legacy of household names like Growing Up, Moulmein High, and Crime Watch; just to name a few. 

Farewell Cynthia, you may be gone, but the memories you gave me and all our viewers will live on.


– Raymond Anthony Fernando

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