Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dismissal of NTU Asst Director Ms Amy Cheong : Raymond writes to the press

Letter to TNP: Govt should address excessive noise in housing estates

Raymond’s letter on the above matter is published in The New Paper today, Wednesday 10th Oct 2012, page 21.  

While it was dreadfully wrong for Ms Amy Cheong to pass insensitive remarks that has caused disharmony in the community, I share the sentiments expressed Mr Noor Mohamed Marican, legal adviser and council member of the Inter-Religious Organisation Singapore, that the sacking was too harsh.  

And I fully agree with him that the posting was done on the spur of the moment.

Perhaps, the NTUC assistant director for membership could have been sent for intensive counselling to get her to see the importance of living harmoniously in a multi-cultural society like Singapore. 

After counselling, NTUC could have got her involved in Muslim community projects where she can see first-hand the rich culture which our Malay friends have inherited.

I have many Malay friends, some of whom were my former national service mates. They helped me a lot as I was weak in certain areas. I have fond memories of all of them.

I believe that Ms Cheong’s remarks were out of frustration rather than malice.

Imagine having to go through the pressures of our stressful working life and then coming home to find that it’s not possible to rest because of the noise.

Noise pollution can not only increase our stress levels but can also cause heart problems and other health issues.

The Government needs to address excessive noise in our housing estates, especially since the population is set to rise to six million.

Maybe, funeral wakes and wedding celebrations can be held at enclosed designated areas. Community Clubs should open its doors for wedding receptions and charge affordable prices. 

There must be some control over excessive noise because a conducive living environment is vital for a healthy lifestyle.

It is futile for the Government to keep saying that Singaporeans must manage their health to reduce medical expenses, if our environment does not pave the way for healthy living.


P.S: (1)The world is so unpredictable. Every one of us makes mistakes, no one is perfect. Only God is. The Singapore Heart which I would like to see is that we are able to forgive, live and let live. We are on a small tiny island and we are all brothers and sisters. Let’s show compassion, forgiveness and don’t hold grudges. Forgiveness means releasing the mind and heart from past hurts, from resentments to which we have a right in order to move our own lives forward.

 (2) This noise pollution is also affecting the place where I live in Ang Mo Kio. Right in front of my block, workers are digging the road to lay some cables, and the noise is terrible. Even on Sundays, they are carrying out these works, causing a din. In my block, there is renovation going on, endless noise. All this excessive noise is taking place at the same time. There is very poor coordination between Govt agencies, leaving residents with no peace of mind and at the mercy of these contractors.

(3)  I have to write my books late into the night because of this noise pollution and because my wife who is immobile needs my care. She is also vulnerable into falling into relapses because of her schizophrenia illness. Pratically every month, there is renovation works being carried out opposite my block because housing agents are pushy in their sales tactics enticing house owners to sell their flats. They shove leaflets into HDB flat owners gates and doors. This is also a form of littering. The Govt needs to put a stop to this. In any event, flats are built for people to live in and have respite after a hard days work. It is not for making a quick buck.

(4) Some students study at void decks near my place, a tutor teaches a student 2 blocks from my block. Void decks can serve such purposes.
(5) In Hong Kong, the Govt has made it a ruling that all renovation works must be carried out on weekdays up to 2pm only and NOT after that. This should also be the case here in Singapore.


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