Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday 19th July 2012- “EVERYDAY HEROES”, Channel 5, 9pm

Thursday 19th July 2012- “EVERYDAY HEROES”, Channel 5, 9pm just before the English News

A new TV local production that highlights people who make a difference. People who want to save lives and give love and support & understanding to those who badly need it.
In this particular episode, my wife, Doris & I speak candidly about her struggles with schizophrenia & depression for 40 years, her advanced arthritis condition, and the power of unconditional love that is helping my wife to cope.

 An insightful peak into an illness (schizophrenia) that is often not talked about, we share candid true accounts of what goes through her troubled mind and mine when Doris falls into a relapse. The journey of a caregiver for 37 years; counting that will encourage caregiving to be taken to a higher level. How I have helped my wife to become an author of 7 books.

 A programme that will create more awareness of mental illness and how I am helping others to cope with depression and other types of mental disorders.
Catch it - Thursday 19th July, Channel 5, 9pm - just before the English News at 9.30pm! Thanks.
Raymond Anthony Fernando
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Nancie said...

Hi Raymond,

I just watched this show on xinmsn and am very encouraged by it. Thank you to you and Doris for sharing your story so candidly with others and your wanting to create more awareness on mental illness.

I myself was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after experiencing extreme mood swings for some 18 years. I know by experience that there is still a terrible stigma associated with mental illness in Singapore.

Doris is blessed to have a loving and devoted husband in you, and your care for her greatly inspired me. I hope that more care-givers have a heart like yours and able to make a great difference in their loved one's life, just like you did in Doris' life.

I will keep both of you in prayers. May God bless both of you as you share your stories, write books and speak to others.

Take care!

Warm regards,

rayhope said...

Thank you, Nancie. I only just saw yiour post today, 30th Oct 2012. I wish U well.