Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MRT BREAKDOWNS: More concern, please

Raymond's letter is published in The New Paper today, Tuesday 20 December 2011, page 18.  Several other upset Singaporeans have also expressed their views on this matter.

The chaos was scary.  Passengers who were trapped must have been filled with anxiety, and several had breathing problems. 

Imagine how worried their family members must have been?

The train operators need to show more concern for their passengers.

I saw a video recently of a lady who suffers from motion sickness who was fined $30 by an MRT officer for eating a sweet.  The officer refused to accept her explanation. Giddiness can cause a person to collapse, so some flexibility is needed in such situations.

Diabetics, for instance, can collapse if their sugar levels fall too low and may urgently need a drink or sweet.

Those who depend on public transport are rightfully upset over the service disruptions coming so soon after the taxi fare increases.

Now we are left wondering if we should carry a torchlight when travelling on the MRT.


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