Friday, October 14, 2011

DJ makes amends after remarks on mentally ill - Class 95FM: Please adopt IMH as charity

Raymond Anthony Fernando's letter on the above matter is published today in The New Paper, Friday 14th October 2011, page 23.

I refer to the report, “Glenn Ong offers to help IMH (The New Paper, Oct 11).

I am heartened that radio DJ Glenn Ong has offered to volunteer his time to help the cause of the mentally ill.
It is the right move and I urge IMH to accept Mr Ong's offer graciously
We all make mistakes, and I'm glad that the DJ is making amends weeks after his comments about the mentally ill that drew a flurry of criticism from psychiatric patients and their families - myself included.
To improve on the image of Class 95FM, I urge the management of Mediacorp Radio to show its support for the mentally ill and their families by adopting IMH as its next charity.
By doing so, Class 95FM will not only be providing the crucial financial support for this marginalised community, but also help to reduce the stigma that has plagued the mentally ill for decades.


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