Friday, May 27, 2011

Design in Progress Exhibition - 8- 10 July @Orchard Central Level 1 Atrium

A group of SIM graduates students will shed new light on "design". They will be looking at real world issues, broadly categorised as health, environmental and social issues. With design thinking, the central thrust of the exhibit is the no...tion of design being the catalyst of change - exploring how design can be used as a means of bettering the society we live in.

The health exhibit, entitled "The Delicate Mind", deals with the Schizophrenia, the top two prevalent mental illness in Singapore. We aim to increase awareness and educate the public on this mental condition but creating environments that simulates the experiences of one coping with Schizophrenia. It concludes a final takeaway message that people coping the illness are actually just like us, just that we need learn to understand and not stare.

The environment exhibit, entitled "The Green Folks", aims at demonstrating how a green living can be easily achieved at home or at the office. It highlights the importance of how one should really just do their little bit to care for the environment by practicing sustainable living.

Finally, the social exhibit, entitled "The Inner Self", touches on the sensitive topic of inferiority complex. The exhibit aims at drawing awareness to the common social and psychological problem and using creative means to better the situation.

This is a very meaningful exhibition and it would  be useful to attend this event as the grads put in a lot of effort.
Event details:
Design in Progress

8-10 July 2011
Orchard Central Level 1 Atrium

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