Monday, March 14, 2011

Tidal Waves, Tidal Graves: The Japanese tsunami

The ground has been shaken

The shorelines have changed

The massive destruction

From the furious tidal waves...

That brings tidal graves

The seas that has given sustenance to many

Has now become angry

Thousands have been left homeless

Thousands have died

Millions -worldwide have cried

The nuclear crisis deepens,

The death toll is set to rise

Even from here in Singapore,

I can hear their cries

Is there no end to this nightmare?

Save them, my Lord, I declare

For YOU will surely care

Strangely, through this calamity,

Nations become united

In a world that is often divided

Donations and help is pouring in every hour, every minute

People from across the globe doing a kind deed- bit by bit

We must have unity and love for everyone on earth

Weed out selfishness in our lives

Stretch out you hand

Do it whenever you can

For GOD moves in strange and mysterious ways

And from HIS love and teachings, we must never stray


Raymond Anthony Fernando


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