Monday, January 10, 2011

Next Book

Coming your way (Akan Datang)! Raymond's next book: “A CHOICE, A VOICE, A CAUSE: One man's advocacy on social issues”
There are many talented singers, sports champions and world leaders who have left a legacy. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is most certainly one of them. Then, we have singers like the late Jim Reeves, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley and politicians like Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and American President Abraham Lincoln who will forever live in our hearts for their invaluable contributions to society.

But you need not be a superstar or a famous politician to leave your mark. Some people who believe in advocacy will be remembered for speaking up for the marginalised, the needy and the poor. Model Caregiver 2007 and Mental Health Champion 2011 - Raymond Anthony Fernando who has championed the plight of psychiatric patients and their caregivers for more than six years has been described as one of Singapore's leading advocates on mental illness.

“A CHOICE, A VOICE, A CAUSE: One man's advocacy on social issues” documents Raymond's tireless efforts to raise awareness of mental illness and other social issues, and to secure more support for those who struggle with the stresses of life. This well-known caregiver has written a total of 100 letters to the press – 46 of which are reproduced in this book. Raymond has also taken part in campaigns, given motivational talks and spoken on national television and radio to seek better understanding, support and compassion for sufferers of mental illness and their families.

This book, expected to be out in March 2011 retails at $15. Place your orders early with Raymond E-mail to avoid disappointment. There are limited copies.

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