Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smart Cards for those with special needs?

My letter on the above subject was published in The New Paper on Thursday 11 November 2010.

I refer to the report, “What if he walks out naked?” (The New Paper, Nov 2).

I fully emphatise with parents who are taking care of their autistic children.

Just like sufferers of mental illness, managing a loved one with autism is also a huge challenge.

You require loads of patience, understanding and support as autistic children have problems interacting with people and they have limited interests.

I understand the anxiety and worry that Shirley faces daily as she raises Peter, her 12-year son who has a low IQ.

Her concerns about Peter getting in trouble with the law, given his special condition are valid ones.

Certainly, children and adults with special needs deserve better protection.

To reduce the anxiety of both caregivers and patients with special needs - the mentally ill, autistic children, elderly people living alone and the disabled, I urge the Government to issue a special smart card to these citizens.

It can have an electronic chip that stores confidential information about the patient's illness and special needs as well as contact details of the primary caregiver and the organisation that issues the card.

Such a special identity card should also help to reduce the workload of the police, the courts and other parties that could be involved if any offences are committed.


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