Thursday, September 2, 2010

Raymond's letter to the New Paper: Foreign workers- Give them better support

My letter on the above subject was published in The New Paper on Thursday 2 September 2010.

I refer to the report, “His life was in my trembling hands” (The New Paper, Aug 31).

Most certainly Shin Min Daily News reporter, Miss Law Shu Hui who emphatised with construction worker Wang Yong should be commended for reclaiming a life which could have been lost.

Even though Miss Law has been a reporter for slightly more than a year, she found it in her heart to show love and concern to another human being.

It didn't matter to her if he was a Singaporean or a foreigner. She came forward because she knew that the China national was in distress.

That, to me, is what the Singapore Spirit is all about.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his National Day Rally speech that more foreign workers were needed to keep the economy growing.

Given that more foreigners are set to land on our shores, we need to think of ways of giving them better support as well.

Employers who do not treat their workers fairly should be taken to task. Also, are foreign workers allowed to join unions to proctect them againts unfair work practices?

If not, perhaps, it is time to review the policies and allow these workers to have their own unions that can comes under the ambit of the relevant authorities.

There should also be support groups that can counsel, comfort and find quick solutions to those who are struggling to cope.

Our voluntary welfare organisations in the mental health-care industries could come alongside the Humanitarian Organisation for Migrant Economics (Home) and start support groups.

These would help those who are going through the stresses of life to cope better.


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