Thursday, July 8, 2010

NEIGHBOURHOOD FACILITIES: Involve residents in future plans

Raymond's letter on the above subject is published in the New Paper today, Thursday 8 July, page 19.

I refer to the two reports in the New Paper, “ Can we be more tolerant” (July 3 ) and “Dear MP, scrap plans for childcare/eldercare/dialysis centre (The New Paper, June 30).

Some of the concerns of the residents are valid as many are worried that the value of their flats may fall.

The noise coming from the construction of future amenities could also disrupt the peace and quiet which people guard jealously.

I believe that one reason why some Singaporeans are unhappy about new facilities is that they are not consulted on future plans in their neighbourhood.

If communication is poor or non-existent, there can be a great deal of misunderstanding.

When a childcare centre was built in our Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 block, we were told about it. It caught us by surprise.

In fact, when the childcare centre was being built, many of us believed our property prices would be affected.

But this was not the case.

Indeed, more people are now asking to buy flats in our block and prices have gone up.

Highlighting this can be a way to reassure residents.

If Singaporeans are consulted, given notice of future plans and made to see the advantages of added amenities, I am sure they would be more accepting.

Our Members of Parliament, grassroots leaders and town council staff can play a role.

HDB could also set aside a number of flats for temporary accomodation where the elderly sick and those who cannot bear with excessive noise can find some comfort.


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