Friday, May 14, 2010

Cancer cannot kill love: Raymond's letter to the New Paper: BATTLING TERMINAL ILLNESSES

Raymond's letter to the New Paper: BATTLING TERMINAL ILLNESSES
Trust in prayer and embrace hope

My letter to the New Paper on the above matter is published in the New Paper today, Friday 14 May 2010, page 25.

I refer to the report, “ I want a happy death” (The New Paper, May 2).

Battling cancer is tough, especially when the patient is at a terminal stage. While I fully empathise with Madam Lim Kim Keow's plight, I want to encourage her not to give up on life.

I tried to hurt myself in 1995. Fortunately I did not succeed.

But the experience has taught me that if I had succeeded, there might have been no one to take care of my wife, who struggles with five chronic illnesses.

I now realise that life is precious and fervently believe that since God gave us life, only He can take it away.

It has never been easy for me take care of my wife all by myself, but I am able to overcome adversities through the power of prayer and by embracing hope.

Hope is the greatest weapon a person has when faced with huge challenges in life. When we are able to overcome adversities, we will gain inner strength. And when we gain inner strength, we will find peace.

Though Madam Lim has to struggle with terminal cancer, she is fortunate to have a wonderful family who is willingly to fork out $6,000 each month so that she receives good care in a loving environment.

She has a devoted husband, two grown children and a grandchild who seem to provide her with unconditional love.

Cancer kills, but it cannot cripple love and it must not shatter hope. With supportive staff at the hospice and well-wishers, including journalists and kind-hearted readers of the New Paper, cancer will not be able to kill friendship.

I hope Madam Lim's plight will spur The New Paper readers, her former students and colleagues to give her the support that she so badly needs.

Cancer patients and those with life-threatening illnesses do not need visions of desperation, fear and doubt. If we are able to open our hearts and give them unconditional love and unflagging support, we will begin the journey of healing, peace and happiness.


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