Friday, November 20, 2009

Raymond's next letter to the New Paper :PART-TIME MAIDS FOR CAREGIVERS

Home help services unsatisfactory

This letter was published in the New Paper on Friday 20 November 2009, page 24.

I am disappointed with the reply given by the Ministry of Manpower, “Impractical for maids to commute daily” (The New Paper, 19 Nov).

Caregivers who make every effort to look after their elderly sick should be commended and given all the support they need.

Mr David Soh Poh Huat's suggestion “Allow trained part-time caregivers” (The New Paper, 14 Nov) deserves full consideration.

It is easy to shoot down an idea, but it takes effort to study and implement bold , even radical ideas.

In the case of caring for the mentally ill, the journey is extremely tough, so much so that many give up and either leave their stricken ones to fend for themselves or place them in hospitals or homes.

Even though my wife has suffered horrifically from schizophrenia, depression and 4 other chronic illnesses, I have not chosen to give up on her for 35 years. But ours is an isolated and lonely journey.

Allowing part-time maids for caregivers will give us some respite, which is something that we desperately need, especially if we make every effort to stay loyal to our stricken ones.

Moreover with the rising cost of living in Singapore, part-time maids will allow family members to engage in some part-time work and help with household expenses.

I have tried the home help services and found them unsatisfactory.

I found the meals unpalatable and the cost of transport services for medical appointments were not easy to bear.


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