Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raymond's letter to the press on noise pollution

Raymond's letter to the Press: Forced to move due to noise pollution
Why no control on noise levels?
My letter to the New Paper was published, today, Saturday 17 October 2009, Page 27.

RECENTLY, my wife and I had to leave our flat to find alternative accommodation.

This is because of the noise pollution coming simultaneously from the lift upgrading programme, the building of a child care centre on our void deck, the re-surfacing of the road in front of our block and the noise generated from the chanting of prayers and beating of drums during the Mooncake Festival that went on continuously for a week from morning to 11pm every night.

Why is all this allowed?

How can one have any peace of mind with all this noise pollution?

Patients with mental illness will relapse if they are hounded by excessive noise.

It happened to my wife in 2006.

Also, due to my wife's arthritis that leaves her mobility impaired, I have no choice but to take taxis to ferry her wherever she goes. The 35 per cent surcharge is eating holes in my pockets as I do not have a fulltime job.

I appeal to the authorities to show some compassion for those with diablities.


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Embiar said...

Humanity is gradually deteriorating however we might advance scientifically.History has many instances to show that we pave our road to self-destruction mainly whenever mankind lacks sensitivity and understanding of those invisible cancerous and varied pollutions. One such gradual lethal pollutant is the noise pollution. Noise pollution will gradually spread like a cancer to kill evrything fine and ultimately leave a chaotic, deranged society.Why should our religion or gala occasions be expressed in blatant screaming and bizarre loudnesss, affecting our physical and psychological well-being? Can't all religious heads come together and stop blarring sound in the name of religion? or why not the Government enforce the greenness we need with stern measures? I too have seen vulnerable people like the sick, old and children suffering obviously causing mental and economic costs to the family because of our noisy, cranky celebrations.High time youth in every country took up the issue seriously and start a counter movement.